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BASIC FUN! 2019 - Present

After a short time off the market, Mattel sold a patent to Basic Fun to produce the pups again, this time labeled as "Classic 80s Editions". The idea was to stay as true to the original Tonka design. Everything is replicated from the body styles, to the cardboard box carrier, to the stickers and adoption certificate included with the pups. A true throwback!

Each normal sized pup comes with  a sown-on red collar with a plastic bone-shaped name tag, which is blank so you can name him yourself. The tush tag is not on the belly like Tonka's, but rather on the back of the left leg. Both styles come with adoption certificate, ad paper, and stickers in a cardboard create-shaped box. Newborns come with a removable diaper.


These measure 17 inches, with plastic noses and eyes of two different colors, yellow and gray.


These measure around 7-8 inches and have a removable diaper.

Jumbo (Not yet released)
Mini Keychains
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