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Unknowns and Mysteries

This page is for things that we still need information about! As we identify them, we will remove them from here and they will be added to the appropriate section.

If you can provide any details about something pictured, here, please let us know!

These two pups have no official patch or tags. They do say "Made in Korea" however. The one with the short ears has upside down eyes!


This monkey is definitely from Galoob, so sometime in the 90s. We know it goes to a straw, but not much else. Its about 3 inches long.


These two puppies appear to be from Hardess in the 80s, but are not pictured in the official promo art. They have short ears and their eyes are different, but have the signature red ribbon collar. The white one might be legit, but the eyes are so different we can't be sure!

ABOVE: Two official pups

BELOW: The mystery pups

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